Abstract Figures


Life Drawing is a real passion of mine, although recently I have become more interested in capturing the moving figure in a way that requires the technology of a camera to capture what a human eye cannot. 


I have also used a projector for many years to project images on to the nude to create and add another dimension to its form. Images of cogs and machinery, city reflections, text and numbers, transform the figure into, something more abstract and decorative, in effect a readymade sculpture.


These have been my starting points for most of the work within this series.

Prices do not include P&P




Urban Nude

Mixed media on paper-(screen print, mono print, acrylic.)

I25 cm x 34 cm

Walk Tall

Acrylic & Indian ink on paper

59 cm x 84 cm


Hurricane Woman

Acrylic on paper

58 cm x 71 cm


Egytian Dancer

Acrylic, Ink on paper

59 cm x 84 cm