In all my work, a major preoccupation is the portrayal of the fine qualities of light. As with most artists, my best work is still in my imagination and I am keen to develop the idea of figures and abstract spaces I envisage these as “slices of life”, where figures move through the environment and are reflected as they walk past windows, distorted as they dive into pools or highlighted as they bask in the sunlight or are hidden in the shade of ancient and modern architecture.

I have become increasingly involved with the portrayal of the figure in water, both above and below the surface. Using my underwater photos of swimmers, taken in Crete, Cyprus and France, I have developed large acrylic paintings that capture a tantalising distortion of figures in water. The sheer energy and dynamism of the swimmers being supported, yet liberated, by the water fascinates me; the shimmer of light on their bodies is what I strive to create in these works of art.

My images begin either as a drawing from life or are inspired by my own photographs. I like adapting these, using a variety of media, including Photoshop, watercolours and acrylics and I also use print techniques such as monoprinting, linoprinting and etching. Most of my work retains a reasonable degree of detail, but also a strong reflection of the medium used and so, for example, I like to allow paint to drip and become an integral part of the composition.