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I am now selling my artwork through a new online contemporary art gallery called Gallery 35. They are stocking all my work and you can even order prints of some of my paintings.


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Catch me if you Can Received Highly Commended 
From The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

Julie’s large painting “Catch me if you Can” has just received a “Highly Commended” certificate from the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. This is part of their “Prize Exhibition” which is currently running until the 25th June 11.

Julie was inspired to paint it after her visit to the Yorkshire sculpture park. Her son and this new found friend were playing chase around a fantastic sculpture called Oxley Bank which is a two-storey steel pavilion with a spiral staircase and a double skinned cage around it where the kids could appear and disappear. It was created by Winter & Hörbelt who have developed many sculptures that are also structures where people can meet.ΓΆ€Β¨The painting was a response to that joy and thrill of children chasing each other and just enjoying that glorious, sun drenched moment.


The exhibition at the RBSA is open
Monday-Friday from 10.30am-5.30pm.
Saturday 10.30am-5pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm.
The RBSA Gallery, 4 Brook Street,
St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham B31SA.
Tel: 0121 236 4353.