Painting of Swimmers (One)



My fascination is in attempting to depict the sheer dynamism of the swimmer, supported but also liberated by the water, either cutting through the surface or seen from below with an appearance distorted by the play of water and light. All of these images are based on photographs that I have taken personally at poolside and underwater. These are then recreated on canvas using acrylic paint, often overlaid with batik. 


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Blue Nude

Basking in the sunshine, liberated by the water, her lover comes to join her.

93cm x 86 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Early Morning Training

Inspired by the sheer speed and determination of the local young swimming team, I have used both acrylic paint and layers of batik to create the dynamism of their bodies and the turmoil of the water.

112cm x 127cm

Acrylic, batik on Canvas

SOLD - Can be seen in public display at Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre

The gang at play

The children of the local sub Aqua club were very interested in me taking their photos whilst at the bottom of the pool. They are very uninhibited and relaxed while playing around and practicing their flipper techniques.

104cm x 66 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Pool Ripples

These children, in a pool in the South of France, were enjoying the coolness and freedom of the water on a very hot and sunny day.

99cm x 111cm

Acrylic on Canvas


The Final Stretch

One more kick and she is home. Pastel is a fluid medium to use and I like to keep it loose and full of energy.

approx. A1. Pastel on paper