Paintings of Urban Reflections


I am intrigued by reflections in the metropolitan environment, particularly by the way in which the hustle and bustle is captured but distorted through and in windows. I have used vibrant and attractive bars in Birmingham and London as my main inspiration. 


My favourite spot in London is by the Southbank, where in my work the Thames features strongly as it shimmers and sparkles as a hot white line. I was a student at Saint Martin’s I still remember and the first time I came to Southbank to study movement on a rainy day and for me it has remained a very special place. It is never dull, there is always something happening, usually the unexpected.


One of the most striking images that caught my eye in Southbank was the appearance of table numbers seen through a café window. I have used them in a variety of my work as these seemingly mundane objects are transformed and the numbers are happy and generous shapes, full of anticipation and promise.


Prices do not include P&P


Mailbox Red

50cm x 70 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Blue Southbank

The images through and reflections caused by windows fascinate me. The co-existence of people you can see simultaneously both inside and outside the window seriously intrigues me. All the while the Thames sparkles and shimmers like a hot white line.

50cm x 70 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Red Square

I just love the numerous layers of numbers, they all have their own character and pose..

50cm x 50 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Mailbox Sunshine

Water Colour on Paper - Framed.

21cm x 25 cm (unframed)

Southbank Steps

Acrylic on Canvas.

80cm x 100 cm (unframed)

Southbank Numbers

Acrylic on Canvas.

50cm x 70 cm (unframed)

Catch Me If You Can

Acrylic on Canvas.

100cm x 80 cm (unframed)